Stephen Moore


"Stephen Moore's new EP features his catchy, jangly, acoustic-based pop songs"

Moore's songs are acoustic based yet lush and silky, like a perfectly formed, fuzzy leaf falling from a tree on the first day of autumn. Soulful, sparse Pop with substance. (MB)

Randomville Music

"playing songs that could easily be background music during a break-up scene in an indie film...Moore would most certainly appeal to about any freshman college girl."

Midpoint Music Festival Guide/ Citybeat

“Soulful, shimmering, slow-burning acoustic rock”

City Beat Magazine

Acoustic Pop

City Beat Magazine

You’ve got to love a guy who lists influences like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, followed by Salvador Dali and Sigmund Freud, and then backs it up. Stephen Moore certainly has a Folk/Pop foundation but there are a dozen other genres marbled through that base, from flecks of Jazz to sparkling bits of Pop to shades of ’60 Rock classicism. Dig It: Simon and Garfunkel reimagined by John Wesley Harding and Paul Weller.